• Dr. Manish Mourya
    Orthopaedic Surgeon in Haldwani
      Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in Haldwani, Uttarakhand  
  •   Dr. Manish Mourya  
      Knee Replacement Surgeon in Haldwani  
      Dr. Manish Mourya is one of the Best Knee, Hip & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. He does numbers of   
       Orthopaedic Surgeries every year under his personal care and supervision.  
  •   Dr. Manish Mourya   
      Orthopaedic Surgeon  
      Top Knee, Hip & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Haldwani. He is the leading orthopedic surgeon and have successfully  
      conducted more than Thousands of joint surgeries. Bone & Joint Disease Clinic is offering advanced treatment for various hip  
       surgeries, disorders and including arthritis.  
  •   Dr. Manish Mourya  
       Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Haldwani   
      Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Haldwani for Join & Knee Replacement Surgery    
      Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in Haldwani. Best Knee Surgeons in Uttarakhand & Knee Doctors in Uttarakhand  

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Dr. Manish Mourya

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M.B.B.S. K.G.M.C (Lucknow)
M.S (Orthopadics) M.L.B Medical College
Fellow in Arthroplasty & Arthroscopy Birmingham U.K
MCI Reg No - 51942
UMC Reg No - 5902

Dr. Manish Mourya graduated from KGMC (King George's Medical University) Lucknow, in the year 2006. He underwent specialist training in orthopedics from Maharani Laxmibai Medical College Jhansi in the year 2009. He worked as a senior resident for about four years in Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital and Trauma Center New Delhi then he become an assistant professor at M.L.B Medical College Jhansi afterward he become a senior consultant at central hospital Haldwani for about three years. because of their high interest in Arthroscopic and arthroplasty surgeries, he completed a fellowship in Arthroscopy and arthroscopy from the hospital of Birmingham (United Kingdom) To date, he performed hundreds of successful different surgeries like Knee Replacement Hip Replacement, ACL & PCL knee reconstruction shoulder arthroscopies different types of complicated fractures failed and revision implant surgeries pelvis trauma surgeries pediatric surgeries and deformity correction independently.

His field of interest are Hip and Knee surgery, including Total Knee and Hip Replacement, Partial Knee Replacement, Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) of Shoulder and Knee, and Revision (redo) Joint Replacements of Hip & Knee.

He provides consultation at SAI Hospital and The Pride Hospital Haldwani for Bone and Joint Diseases.

Speciality Services

Total Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which worn or damaged parts of the knee are replaced. The deformed surfaces of the joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a surgery which is done to replace worn or damaged parts of the hip joint. This surgery can relieve pain. And increase the mobility of your hip.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy Surgery

Shoulder arthroscopy is one such procedure. It is performed to repair the damaged parts of the shoulder joint. This surgical procedure is performed with less piercing or keyhole hence the recovery..

Arthroscopy of Knee Injury

Revision Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery can be done for any joint like knee, hip, heel, elbow etc. Usually this technique is most commonly used in knee surgery, such as - it can be treated when the knee joint (meniscus) is injured.

Trauma Fracture

Revision Surgery

Orthopedic trauma is a severe injury of the musculoskeletal system which is caused by an unforeseen accident taking immediate medical attention. Orthopedic trauma condition refers to fractures and disruptions caused by traumatic events.

Pediatric Orthopedics Problems

pediatric orthopedics problems

If you think you or your child has broken a bone, seek prompt medical attention then Dr Manish Morya is the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon in haldwani has the experience and qualifications to treat your child.

Pelvic Trauma

pelvis trauma specialist in haldwani

Pelvic fracture is a disturbance of the thin structures of the pelvis, involving pelvic ring fractures, acetabular fractures, and avulsion fractures. normally, pelvic fractures do due to high-energy trauma; however, old patients may endure pelvic injuries due to lower energy mechanisms.

Spine Surgery

spin surgery surgeon in haldwani

Spine surgery is an advantage for those people who suffer from spinal troubles. Or the spinal cord gets fractured. Patients suffering from spinal troubles are getting benefits from' Spine Surgery' observed by Dr. Manish Maurya.

Surgeries Performed


Hip Replacement


Knee Replacement




Revision Surgery

Best Doctor for Bone & Joint Disease

One of the Best & Orthopaedic Surgeon for Bone & Joint Diseases in Haldwani, Nainital, Rudrapur (Uttarakhand)
Dr. Manish Mourya is a Sr. Consultant in Orthopaedics with area of expertise in Joint Replacement Surgeries by minimally invasive technique and computer assisted surgery (CAS)

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Dr. Manish Mourya

Dr. Manish Mourya is presently working as Sr. Consultant in Orthopaedics with area of expertise in Joint Replacement Surgeries by minimally invasive technique and computer assisted surgery (CAS).

  • Senior Knee & Hip Replacement Surgeon
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • AT
  • Sai Hospital
      Address: Kaladhungi Rd, Mukhani Chauraha, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139
     OPD Timings: 10AM to 2PM
  • &
  • The Pride Hospital
      Address: Near Nupur Nritya Kala Kendra Mukhani Road, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139
     OPD Timings: 4PM to 6PM

M.B.B.S. MS (Ortho) Fellowship in Joint Relacement & Arthroscopy Birmingham U.K Joint Replacement & Orthopaedic Surgeon
MCI Reg No - 51942
UMC Reg No - 5902

  • Senior Consultant At SAI Hospital
  • Senior Consultant At The Pride Hospital

In modern day practice where one can explore so many options through Internet and social media, it is often difficullt for someone to decide which place and which surgeon to choose for joint replacement surgery or any other orthopaetic problem. I don't know how and what criteria guides you to choose your surgeon. About myself I would tell you honestly that I provide very personalized care to each of my patients and perform surgery with utmost precision using state of art modular operation theatre and by always putting best quality implant in supreme position through computer naviagated surgery. This technique is being used by very few surgeons in north India.

I keep every thing very simple and very transparent with my patients and I supervise my patients daily recovery myself.

I also run clinic for joint preservation in arthritis where I try to treat them without surgery AND delay or postpone the knee surgery as far as possible.

I think these are enough ground to choose me for your joint related problem.

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